Getting the love you want

Paares am Strand

Imago Relationship Therapy is helpful when…

  • you can’t seem to communicate, feel unseen, misunderstood, and lonely
  • there is a crisis or ongoing power struggles and unresolved arguments
  • you can not talk openly with each other or share your feelings safely and honestly
  • you or your partner constantly feels criticized or argue about insignificant disagreements
  • you are concerned about the negative atmosphere in your home and/or power struggles around parenting
  • you live separate lives without much physical or emotional intimacy
  • you want to place a new relationship on solid ground
  • you want to prepare for a conscious beginning for your marriage
  • you expect a child and want to be well prepared
  • you appear to lose your connection as a couple after the birth of a child
  • you are organically healthy but are unable to conceive a child
  • you want to “ignite” your erotic life
  • you would like to move through hurt, anger and distrust after an affair and want to start anew
  • you would like to discover new shared visions for your lives together
  • you want to bridge different expectations in a cross-cultural relationship
  • you have moved abroad and need to support each other and your children in the adjustment process
  • your families of origin still have a powerful presence in your relationship
  • you would like to lift your good relationship to a new level of closeness and connectedness
  • you want to understand the unconscious forces that influence romantic attraction
  • dream of trust, safety, purpose, closeness, joy, passion and humour in your relationship

Whatever your issues, there is hope! I am dedicated to helping you rediscover the joy and potential of being together as a couple. I also assist gay couples in their work on issues mentioned above.