Dialogue between Generations

Father Mikael and daughter Nina

The dialogue between generations was developed by Sabine and Roland Bösel. It takes place between an adult son or daughter and one parent respectively. It differs from individual therapy or family constellation counselling in that you address your actual parent rather than communicate through a role play or with a stand-in. The structure of this dialogue enables you to be heard and to listen with an open heart, in order to constructively work on old family themes and to heal old sorrows. The structure is safe and respectful and while there is room to express real feelings, as in all Imago dialogues, this is done without blame, shame and criticism.
Goals of the dialogue between generations are a deeper understanding of relationship dynamics within our families. A conscious relationship between generations frequently ends “family patterns” which often sabotage individual growth and restrict personal freedom. If unresolved, they subtly emerge in couple relationships and in parenting styles. Healing such repetitive themes in your family allows us to be free to develop our own unique full potential.
These dialogues enhance peace with your parents and with yourself and help you accept each other as fully grown adults with a right to his/her own life. This recognition allows for a loving “letting go” and concurrently facilitates bonding and closeness.

Journal Article about the Generation Dialogue Workshop

Dates for Generationworkshops
Dr. Claudia Luciak-Donsberger and Dr. Mikael Luciak
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