Time for decisions

couple at the beach
Imago Relationship Therapy has helped many couples rebuild their lives, by transforming their relationship from anger and frustration into a loving, fulfilling and enlightened experience. However, if that is not possible, by separating with clarity, acceptance and dignity whilst staying responsible, respectful, unified and loving parents to their children.

Possibly you are thinking about separating from your partner but would like to re-examine this decision with professional support or explore alternatives. If you are uncertain how to proceed, I will support you in a safe place in exploring this decision. You and your partner learn to communicate openly and without guilt or blame what you feel, need, and fear. You will also learn which relationship dynamics and old patterns have led you to this point in your relationship.
Depending on the result of our work you can chose to continue with couple’s therapy or with a couple’s workshop or with separation support .

Most couples know after five sessions which way to proceed.